Week 6 webinars

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How data enables disruption differentiation and informed decision-making in FSI

Beset by a global pandemic, competition from agile new entrants, and rising customer expectations, the financial services industry also has to balance security concerns, legacy infrastructure and applications and data platforms with the enormous opportunity they have to engage with customers in a newly always-online world.


Kubernetes The Path to Open Source DBaaS

Join Peter Zaitsev, Percona CEO, as he discusses DBaaS and Kubernetes. DBaaS is the fastest growing way to deploy databases. It is fast and convenient yet it is typically done using proprietary software and tightly coupled to the cloud vendor.


Azure webinar series Gain Economic Value Migrating to Azure SQL

More and more businesses migrate their SQL Server workloads to Azure to spend less time managing their databases and more time realizing the value of their data. Microsoft worked with Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) to understand the costs and benefits of migrating on-premises SQL Server to SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines and continuing to modernize on fully-managed Platform-as-a-Service offerings.

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Content Findability with Elastic Workplace Search A practical guide

2020 has accelerated our new normal in remote working. Teams around the globe suddenly find themselves working virtually, using new tools and adapting to digital collaboration. With dozens (or even hundreds) of content sources and apps in use at most organizations, it’s no surprise that individuals are struggling to find the content they need to do their jobs.

Azure Operations Governance

Azure has many services and tools that work together to provide complete management. These services aren’t only for resources in Azure, but also in other clouds and on-premises. Understanding the different tools and how they work together is the first step in designing a complete management environment.

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