Data Mesh and Governance

Data Mesh is a paradigm shift in big analytical data management that addresses some of the limitations of the past paradigms, data warehousing and data lake. Data Mesh is founded in four principles: “domain-driven ownership of data”, “data as a product”, “self-serve data platform” and a “federated computational governance”.

Data Mesh promises organisations the ability to accelerate their ability to derive value from their data. But, how do we ensure that we move fast without breaking things? Sustainable innovation must coexist with regulation, risk management, security and compatibility concerns.

In this webinar, Zhamak Dehghani will explain how Data Mesh addresses these needs through “federated computational governance”. We will then have a panel discussion with Chris Ford (Head of Technology for Thoughtworks Spain), Jason Hare (Data Governance and Information Assurance expert) and Zhamak where we will relate the Data Mesh approach to data management and governance as practiced in the software industry at large.

The recording

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