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Becoming a Product (UI/UX) Designer in 2021

In this live webinar we’re talking about the work that product designers do, how they do it and what you need to learn to start landing roles in the world of UI/UX and Product Design.

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From Graphic Designer to UI/UX

Interested in transitioning from graphic design to UI/UX? In this workshop you’ll learn about the biggest hurdles that graphic designers face, how to start thinking like a UI/UX designer, how to create a portfolio that showcases your new skills and how to land high-paying UI/UX jobs!

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Kickstart Your Career in UI/UX and Product Design

Thinking of transitioning into a fulfilling career as a UI/UX or Product Designer? Not exactly sure how these roles differ, what’s right for you or how to get started? This workshop goes through some of the most common questions and concerns that arise when making the switch to UI/UX and Product Design.

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The Evolution of UI/UX and the Rise of Product Design

UI/UX is evolving and the field of design is going through a shift. In this talk I’m going to reveal the problems with UX, the state of the industry, where it’s headed and how you can can be a part of it.

uxux webinars

UX webinars

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