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Reaching Scalability Do More with MongoDB Atlas

Tuesday, March 30 9 am PT | 11 am CT You know about the relational world, the NoSQL world, and you’re ready to dive in deeper. We will discuss:


Building a Single View of your Data with MongoDB

11 AM - 12 PM ET With MongoDB ’s flexible document model, you are able to build a single view of anything, no matter what type of data, where it comes from, or what it looks like.


Azure webinar series Manage Kubernetes and Data Services Anywhere with Azure Arc

Join this webinar to learn about the latest Azure Arc capabilities that will help you manage all your Kubernetes clusters and data services wherever they are, including consistent GitOps configurations for your clusters and a new connected mode for your data services.


Best Practices for Deploying MongoDB Atlas on Azure

11am EST | 4pm GMT In this webinar (including a demo), we explore recommended MongoDB deployment topologies. We also cover best practices to reliably and optimally run MongoDB clusters on Microsoft Azure.


MongoDB Back to Basics (Middle East/Europe)

3pm - 4pm GST l 12pm - 1pm CET Want to learn the fundamentals of document databases and why they have become the widely used alternative to traditional relational databases? If so, you don’t want to miss this webinar!


Azure webinar series Build Smarter and Faster _NET Web Apps with Azure

Join this webinar to learn how Azure can help you to innovate with your .NET web apps and SQL databases with native capabilities such as AI and analytics. In addition, you’ll learn how to build smarter and faster applications using functions, APIM, and auto deployment.