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Azure Databricks now available in Azure Datacenter Switzerland

Databricks Unified Data Analytics Platform (UDAP) is the open and unified platform for data analytics and ML workloads On-demand webinar We are pleased to announce the availability of Azure Databricks in the Swiss Azure Datacenters which marks another milestone on the way to digitize Switzerland.

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Azure webinar series Get Real-Time Monitoring for IoT Edge

Join us to learn how to leverage machine learning, data streaming, and real-time analytics with Azure SQL Edge. See how these features are natively integrated with Azure SQL and Azure IoT Edge to enable remote monitoring, analysis, and security, in both connected and disconnected environments.

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Microsoft Teams End-User Training

New to Microsoft Teams? Are you looking to take your collaboration skills to the next level? Register now for our free Microsoft Teams End-User Training Webinar and learn how to stay connected and productive, no matter where you work, and get the most out of it.

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Stay More Secure When You Migrate SQL Server to Azure

Help secure your SQL Server applications and databases when migrating to Azure. Watch this free webinar to learn how Azure can protect your apps and databases with industry-leading intelligence and built-in security controls—while helping to reduce your total cost of ownership.

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How Apache Spark 3.0 and Delta Lake Enhance Data Lake Reliability

Available on-demand Apache Spark ™️ has become the de facto open source standard for big data processing due to its ease of use and performance. And the open source Delta Lake project enhances Spark’s lead with new capabilities like ACID transactions, Schema Enforcement and Time Travel.

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