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Introducing MariaDB Platform X5: the any-workload database, now at any scale

MariaDB Platform X5 is the enterprise open source database solution for running transactions, analytics and hybrid transactions/analytics at any scale, from standalone databases to highly available clusters, and now, to fully distributed databases.

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Building Modern Applications Using Object-Relational Mapping and MariaDB

Here at MariaDB, we’ve been working hard over the past several years to provide new features and capabilities that help developers take their apps to the next level. While we’ve spent a lot of time and effort focusing on database innovations to help delight developers, we also understand the importance of third-party tools that make their lives easier.

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Practical strategies: Migrating data to MariaDB’s cloud service

You’ve decided that a DBaaS is right for your organization – now it’s go time and you need to get your DBaaS up and running. Whether you’re moving data as a “lift and shift” from MariaDB or migrating it from another external source (such as Amazon RDS), we’ll discuss ways of getting data into a DBaaS, focusing on SkySQL in particular.

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MariaDB vs. MySQL – what's the difference, and why does it matter?

The first release of MariaDB was a fork of MySQL with additional features, performance improvements and bug fixes. However, while they both implement the MySQL protocol, MariaDB and MySQL have evolved differently – becoming separate databases.

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Demo: Getting the most out of MariaDB with MaxScale

Do you have to manually switch from primary to replica when there’s a problem? Are your replicas operating as standbys only, not carrying any of the load? Do your developers need to code with failover and session distribution in mind?

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What's new in SkySQL: Distributed SQL, multi-master clustering & more

SkySQL’s October 2020 update brings the power of MariaDB Platform X5 to the cloud, unlocking distributed SQL for scalability, multi-master clustering for continuous availability and multi-node support for data warehouses requiring high availability.

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Achieving uninterrupted availability with Galera Cluster in SkySQL

If applications can tolerate a little bit of downtime, high availability with replication and automatic failover will suffice. However, if zero downtime is preferred or required, continuous availability with multi-master clustering is a must.

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Creating fully reactive applications with R2DBC and MariaDB

Not too long ago, a reactive variant of the JDBC API was released, known as Reactive Relational Database Connectivity (R2DBC). While R2DBC started as an experiment to enable integration of SQL databases into systems that use reactive programming models, it now specifies a robust specification that can be implemented to manage data in a fully reactive and completely non-blocking fashion.

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