optimizely webinars

Under the Hood Webinar Series Experiment-Driven Product Design

Reap the rewards of creativity and problem solving through product experimentation Designing enterprise software products is a process that relies on feedback: Customer research, usability testing, and competitive research are tools that designers can use to validate designs prior to shipping them into production.

Under the Hood Webinar Series Experimenting in a DevOps World

Optimizing Your Infrastructure and Deployments Typically when people think of experimentation or A/B testing, they think about experimenting on how you build web pages or applications. But experimentation goes beyond just those use cases.

Forrester Webinar Accelerate Agile Delivery with Experimentation Platforms

Accelerate Agile Delivery with Experimentation Platforms Development teams that are struggling with time to value need to consider experimentation platforms to accelerate their agile processes. Experimentation platforms allow developers to get code into production faster, with greater control than traditional release processes, and gain insight from that code while it’s in production.

Atlassian/Optimizely Webinar Three Ways to Do Better Continuous Delivery

Three Ways to Do Better Continuous Delivery While nearly every software team has a continuous integration server, many are skipping important practices that are key to unlocking high performance. In this webinar, Atlassian and Optimizely join forces to discuss how software teams can have more confidence in their CI/CD process and ship high-quality products with better experimentation and collaboration.

This Launch Will Self-Destruct in 3___2___1

Splashy, big-bang launches used to be the gold standard for software releases. But for every successful big bang launch, there were many failed launches that either never gained traction or that were so harmful, they actually caused successful companies to stumble or crash.

Ship Happens Failure is an option

Learn how to deliver safer, faster releases. Designing a perfect, failproof software delivery system is impossible. Failures will happen. What’s more important is the speed and reliability of your recovery.

How H&R Block Accelerated Product Development

Delivering impactful products fast and safely is critical ahead of the busiest times of the year. H&R Block experiences 95% of their traffic during tax season, in a highly regulated industry.

Optimizelys Vision for Product Development Teams

Learn how product development will evolve in the coming years. We believe the best teams will separate themselves from the pack in the coming years by adopting a focus of transparency, scale, compatibility, and trust.

Agile Product Development Webinar

From hunch to hard data Agile methodology has become widely adopted in business, particularly among software and product development teams. But is an Agile team enough? Is the development of products from a long-term roadmap truly Agile?