mongodb webinars

A Single View of your Data with MongoDB

11 AM - 12 PM GMT Your data is your company’s lifeblood and trying to consolidate different data in different formats from different systems in a relational database into a single view is hard and in many cases impossible.


Easily Manage Content with Nuxeo and MongoDB

11 am PST | 2 pm EST Viewers expect their content to be personalized, on-demand, and on the device of their choosing but this can’t be done effectively using traditional SQL and relational models.


使用 MongoDB 和 Confluent 為金融服務構建複雜的資料驅動型應用程式

金融機構正在以前所未有的數量和速度產生更多詳細的資料。MongoDB 和 Confluent 攜手合作來連接您的資料,讓您能夠隨時以更加精細化的方式存取任何資料,從而安全地充分利用機會。 在這場專屬研討會中,您將瞭解如何執行下列操作: 對您的應用程式架構進行現代化改造,特別是在金融部門 即時取用和利用資料 構建具有豐富歷史內容的快速移動應用程式 獲得能為您的業務提供競爭優勢的見解 線上研討會詳情: 日期:4月22日 星期四 時間:14:00-15:00 講者:張冠群(Caspar), MongoDB 北亞區高級解決方案架構師 Leo Yuen,Senior Partner Solutions Engineer Confluent


MongoDB Digital Coffee Session

Day: Wednesday, April 21 Time: 1pm - 2:15pm GMT Topic of Discussion: The Covid-19 pandemic has catapulted technology and technology leaders into the spotlight. It has been an incredibly demanding time, yet despite the hardship, Covid-19 has also given technology leaders the chance to prove their worth and provided recognition, at last, of the strategic imperative for digital transformation.


MongoDB Atlas 201 Virtual Workshop

10AM - 1PM GMT Now that you’ve mastered the basics of MongoDB Atlas, it’s now time to join us for our more advanced MongoDB Atlas eWorkshop. Register now to save your seat for our upcoming eWorkshop on MongoDB Realm.


Data Strategy for Modern Apps with MongoDB Red Hat

Curious to learn the Data Strategy for Modern Apps with MongoDB & Red Hat? Join us for our upcoming webinar on April 15! Data is at the heart of every application and crucial to every business.


Activate Data Data Science Innovation with MongoDB Iguazio

10AM BST | 11AM CEST | 12PM IDT MongoDB and Iguazio deliver unprecedented ease in the integrated delivery of data and data science on multi cloud platforms. While data science and machine learning is often equivalent to long-term projects, MongoDB, with Iguazio, allows rapid implementation to leverage data through ML/AI, and Real Time use cases.


Fast Track Modern Applications in Public Sectors

Digital transformation is happening beyond industry to city and country levels, and data is key in ensuring successful outcomes. How can governments leverage more out of their countries’ data while having the assurance of a well-managed, secure, resilient and scalable application data platform to fast track digital transformation initiatives reliably?


Reaching Scalability Do More with MongoDB Atlas

9 am PT | 11 am CT You know about the relational world, the NoSQL world, and you’re ready to dive in deeper. We will discuss: What’s Realm? (mobile devs, you won’t want to miss this)