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Oracle to MariaDB: Pragmatic Migration Strategies

Whether you’re looking to break free from Oracle or you need an open source database that’s hardened for production, you can position your organization well for the future by moving to MariaDB.

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How to maximize security and data protection with MariaDB Platform

There were 3,800+ data breaches in the first half of 2019, and they exposed over 4 billion records.* Some data breaches resulted from insider threats, others from poorly configured databases – but they all have one thing in common: they were avoidable.

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Get Unstuck from Your Oracle Contract

Do you feel trapped by your expensive Oracle contracts? It’s no wonder. Oracle uses restrictive contract terms and aggressive business practices – including far-reaching audits – to tighten their grip on customers and extract more money for their own bottom line.

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MariaDB, MySQL and Postgres: 2019 Open Source Database Comparison

The most innovative organizations have moved beyond evaluating enterprise open source databases for mission-critical deployments. Now they’re standardizing on them – with MariaDB, MySQL and Postgres being among the most broadly deployed databases in the world.

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JSON + Relational: How to use hybrid data models

By extending relational data with JSON documents, you get schema flexibility without sacrificing transactions or data integrity. You can index and query data regardless of whether it is structured, semi-structured or both.

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How MariaDB unlocks scalable, real-time analytics with columnar storage

The default storage engine in MariaDB, like in most relational databases, uses row storage optimized for transaction processing. However, row storage cannot keep up with the growing scalability and performance requirements of interactive, ad hoc analytics.

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JSON + Relazionale: come utilizzare i modelli di dati ibridi

Estendendo i dati relazionali con i documenti JSON, si ottiene la flessibilità dello schema di database, senza sacrificare le transazioni o l’integrità dei dati. È possibile indicizzare e interrogare i dati indipendentemente dal fatto che siano strutturati, semi-strutturati o entrambe le cose.

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Novità in MariaDB Platform X4: transazioni smart, cloud storage e molto altro

MariaDB Platform X4 è il primo database costruito per potenziare le moderne applicazioni sul cloud, in modo da consentire agli sviluppatori di arricchire la velocità delle transazioni con analisi in tempo reale, ottimizzate per gli storage scalabili del cloud e l’infrastruttura di calcolo.

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New in MariaDB Platform X4: smart transactions, cloud storage and more

MariaDB Platform X4 is the first database built to power modern applications running in the cloud, enabling developers to enrich fast transactions with real-time analytics optimized for scalable cloud storage and compute infrastructure.

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Modern SQL with MariaDB: JSON, temporal tables and more

MariaDB implements more of the standard SQL specification than any other open source database, adding support for common table expressions (CTEs), window functions, user-defined functions (UDFs) and other features over the last few years.

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