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[MariaDB SkySQL & SkyDBA case study] Whitebox enables customers to achieve online shopping records for Black Friday and beyond

Whitebox – an e-commerce marketplace management company that provides turnkey marketing, sales and fulfillment solutions for retailers – has chosen MariaDB SkySQL as their new DBaaS running on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and SkyDBA for access to the most knowledgeable DBAs and database engineers in the industry.

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Columnar Storage + Python: Powering Modern Data Science and Analytics

Over the past several years, we’ve seen databases evolve to handle the increasing demands of applications and solutions. Adapting to the growing volume and velocity of data ingestion has been at the forefront of modern database innovation.

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MariaDB Observability

A broken MariaDB means a broken Application, so maintaining insights in MariaDB operational performance is critical. Thankfully MariaDB offers a lot in terms of observability to resolve problems quickly and get great insights into opportunities for optimization.


MySQL 8 vs MariaDB 10_4

At the moment MySQL 8 and MariaDB 10.4 are the latest versions of the corresponding database management systems. Each of these DBMS has a unique set of features. For example, specific MariaDB features might be unavailable in MySQL, and vice versa.


Cage match: MariaDB vs. Oracle, Microsoft and IBM

In the past, enterprise open source databases could not compete with the proprietary heavyweights: Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server and IBM Db2. They didn’t meet the minimum requirements back then, but things have changed – there is a contender.

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Introducing MariaDB Platform X3 and the Rise of Hybrid Everything

Your database should be able to do more. As the expectations of data-driven customers rise, transactional applications need access to more historical data and greater analytics. If you’ve outgrown your database, you shouldn’t have to settle for lightweight analytics.

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Presentazione di MariadB Platform X3 e ascesa del “tutto ibrido”

Il vostro database dovrebbe poter fare di più. Con il crescere delle aspettative da parte dei clienti che hanno un approccio data-driven, le applicazioni transazionali devono poter accedere a un numero maggiore di dati storici e ad analisi più approfondite.

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How to enrich your applications with temporal data

Whether used for enriching online applications, for reporting and analysis or for fine-grained data recovery, temporal data and queries can change the way you think about and manage data. MariaDB is the only open source database to include support for ANSI standard system-versioned tables.

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How to provide enterprise high availability with MariaDB Platform

When it comes to supporting mission-critical applications in production, databases have to be available 24x7 – no exceptions, no excuses. And while automatic failover is the foundation of any high availability (HA) strategy, it’s no longer enough ‒ or that simple.

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Advanced scaling strategies: Achieving massive scale with SQL

Are you prepared to scale as your applications add more users, more data, and more underlying operations per second? Using MariaDB as the foundation for your applications gives you virtually endless scalability.

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How SelectQuote migrated to the cloud with open source

In order to modernize legacy infrastructure and applications (and lower costs), organizations have prioritized two strategic initiatives: adopting enterprise open source software and moving to the cloud – all while leveraging Kubernetes, microservices and serverless.

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