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Analyst Webinar The Business Value of the MapR Data Platform

There are a multitude of distributed, scale-out data management technologies in the marketplace; but the key is finding a solution that supports a wide range of analytic applications across diverse data types without time-consuming data movement and transformation.


An Introduction to the MapR Converged Data Platform

The MapR Converged Data Platform is a proven solution for delivering business value in data-driven companies. In this 90-minute webinar, we discuss: The MapR Converged Data Platform and its components


GDPR vos données sont-elles prêtes

L’échéance prévue pour l’entrée en vigueur du GDPR approche. Le moment est ainsi venu de prendre le contrôle sur vos données personnelles. Sur la base d’un data lake, ce webinar décrit et démontre les étapes nécessaires pour la mise en oeuvre de votre data hub et des activités de gouvernance des données associées : de l’extraction à la réconciliation des données personnelles, à l’anonymisation des données, la gestion des consentements et des droits de la personne.


Data Lakes Are Worth Saving – With a New Vision

This webinar will explain how a data lake should unlock the power of big data. Join us for this webinar with industry experts from Evolved Media, Arcadia Data, and MapR to learn:


Sharing Sensitive Data Across Companies Countries and Clouds

Sharing sensitive data across departments, companies, countries & clouds using a Global Data Fabric The sharing of sensitive data across departments, within group companies, externally, and across national boundaries is increasingly subject to legislation.


Learn How to Build Data-intensive Applications

Today’s digital economy demands a new way of running business. “Data first” thinking and real-time response are becoming key for you to outperform the competition. You need to power your data-intensive applications with a database that does not compromise on speed, consistency, and SLA requirements across multiple edge, on-premises, and cloud environments.


Are Your Data Ready for GDPR

As the deadline for GDPR approaches, it is time to get practical about protecting personal data. We break down the steps for turning a data lake into a data hub with appropriate data management and governance activities: from capturing and reconciling personal data to providing for consent management, data anomyzation, and the rights of the data subject.


MapR 6_0 Powers DataOps

The data struggle is real. Last-generation and even newer technologies are limiting and lead to data silos across the organization, which hinders innovation, collaboration, and access to data. DataOps has emerged as a movement, bringing together DevOps with data engineers and data scientists to make data work harder and to mine value from it quicker.


Big Data in Echtzeit Schnell und skalierbar mit Spark MapR

Nehmen Sie an diesem Webinar teil und erfahren Sie, wie Sie mithilfe der MapR Converged Data- und Talend Real-Time Big Data-Plattformen Datenintegrationen für die schnelle Transformation von Daten in Anwendungen der nächsten Generation beschleunigen und skalieren können.

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Self-Service Data Science for Leveraging ML AI on All of Your Data

MapR has launched the MapR Data Science Refinery which leverages a scalable data science notebook with native platform access, superior out-of-the-box security, and access to global event streaming and a multi-model NoSQL database.

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Enabling Real-Time Business with Change Data Capture

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) enable intelligent processes that can autonomously make decisions in real-time. The real challenge for effective ML and AI is getting all relevant data to a converged data platform in real-time, where it can be processed using modern technologies and integrated into any downstream systems.