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Intro to Java on AWS

Level: 200 AWS offers tool kits containing language-specific APIs and libraries to help you easily develop applications on AWS in the programming language of your choice. In this tech talk, we’ll cover the basics of the AWS SDK for Java, then provide a live code demo.

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Developer Webinar Series Java Track

Welcome to our new webinar series that’s for developers, by developers. It’s your chance to see demos, learn new skills, and ask Couchbase developers your questions about product features, best practices, or your specific use cases.

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Real World Java 9

Last week we hosted a live webinar covering the features of Java 9 that are most interesting to developers. The recording is available here for those who missed it, and we also wanted to take this opportunity to answer all those questions …

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Building JavaScript apps with Angular

IntelliTrace Experience Learn how to diagnose issues much faster with IntelliTrace’s Historical Debugging in Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise. This video includes a quick introduction to IntelliTrace as well as a walkthrough of…

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Why Spring Is Taking Over the Java World

With over 86% of Java developers using Spring frameworks, it’s clear that Spring has taken over the Java world. But what makes Spring frameworks so well-adopted, and will Spring continue to rule the Java framework world?


Is Java Still Relevant

For companies who want to commit time and money into developing or modernizing an application, knowing that the underlying language and greater ecosystem are vibrant and poised for long-term viability is essential.


2021 Trends in Java Development

Find out what tools, technologies, and languages are most used by Java developers. In the 2021 Java Developer Productivity Report, we surveyed over 800 Java developers on their day-to-day work to understand common pain points and challenges to productivity and performance.


Akka for Java Devs Bridging the Imagination Divide

Today’s applications are expected to support a multitude of devices, employ hybrid cloud deployments, persist petabytes of data, deliver millisecond response time and have near-perfect reliability. Traditional patterns and practices for enterprise Java application development simply can’t support these demands, or are so complicated that entire systems can be brought down by single points of failure.

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The Enterprise Architects Intro to Microservices Part 1 Microservices Monoliths SOA and How We Got Here

If you’re tired of battling a monolithic enterprise system that’s difficult to scale and maintain––and even harder to understand––then this webinar series is for you. In these three expert sessions, we go over the details of why a microservice-based architecture that consists of small, independent services is far more flexible than the traditional all-in-one systems that continue to dominate today’s enterprise landscape.

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