elastic webinars

Unlock the power of data with Kibana Lens

With the volume of data growing exponentially, more and more enterprise organizations are shifting towards a reporting approach that meets the need for real-time access to data to drive critical decisions.

Elastic Workplace Search What weve learned from our internal implementation

Elastic Workplace Search provides a unified search experience for all your company’s content. It ships with preconfigured content source connectors for numerous popular productivity, collaboration, and storage tools, such as Google Drive, Microsoft 365, Sharepoint, GitHub, Salesforce, Confluence, and many others.

Elastic Security 7_9 Empowering security practitioners

Elastic Security 7.9 delivers the first major milestone toward comprehensive endpoint security integrated directly into the Elastic Stack by introducing signatureless malware prevention and kernel-level data collection on the new Elastic Agent.

Elastic Telco Day 5G Observability

Learn what Elastic has to offer in the area of 5G observability. Discover the vision of the Open RAN expert Andrzej Milkowski and Elastic champion Bartolomej Podles. See the real life application of the Elastic Stack in the telecommunication space.

An introduction to Elastic APM in the shift to cloud native

With cloud-native architectures and hundreds — or thousands — of microservices shaping the user experience, application performance monitoring (APM) is increasingly pivotal to the success of modern organizations. Get a rundown of the latest features and see Elastic APM in action with a demo from the experts.

Introducing Elastic Security Unified protection for everyone

Join this Elastic webinar in collaboration with SANS institute and learn how the latest security capabilities in the Elastic Stack enable interactive exploration, incident management and automated analysis, as well as how you can use unsupervised machine learning to reduce false positives and spot anomalies all at the speed and scale your security practitioners need to defend your organisation.

Eliminate Complexity with Elastic Observability

As your clients race to innovate and adopt new technology, they are faced with mountains of disparate data. Learn how Elastic Observability can help unlock the key insights hiding within that data so your clients can make better decisions, improve customer satisfaction, and head off issues.

Threat hunting for security visibility in state local and education

Threat hunting — the proactive pursuit and elimination of adversaries before they cause damage and loss — can help state, local, and education security and analyst teams better understand where important assets reside, such as privileged accounts and sensitive business systems, and provide deeper visibility into activities associated with those assets.

Visualizing observability data

Learn how to leverage the value from your observability data in the Elastic Stack. We’ll provide an overview of Elastic Observability, including how to use the out-of-the-box visualizations and dashboards for more advanced use cases.

Intro to centralized log analytics with the Elastic Stack

In this webinar we’ll help you plot a course for your observability journey. We’ll go over the basics, show you how to get started using the Elastic Stack for your logs, metrics, and application trace data, and show you how log analytics and observability with the Elastic Stack can benefit you and your business.

From observability to a scalable solution for unified security with Spike Reply

Along with our partner Spike Reply we invite you to register your interest for our back-to-back observability & unified security webinar. Spike Reply has a track record of successfully accompanying companies on a journey that oftentimes starts at centralizing their logfiles and ends with fully managed security services.