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Predictive maintenance in industrial IoT

The future of manufacturing that is driving industry 4.0 Manufacturers increasingly collect more and more data from different IoT sensors in their factories. Collecting telemetry such as temperature, sound, and frequency, is an efficient way to monitor the health of IoT devices.

Getting started with alerting for the Elastic Stack

Join product experts as they walkthrough how to start using your Elasticsearch data to power real-time notifications. Learn how to take data related to logs, APM, SIEM, etc., and set custom logic to make sure you know the second something in your system changes.

Optimizing costs in Elastic Cloud

As your organization moves to the cloud, it’s important to understand the impact of data management and retention on your bottom line. But optimizing your cloud deployment isn’t just about reducing costs — it can also have a positive impact on function.

SIEM trends What to look for in a security analytics platform

SIEM is continuously evolving and today’s SIEM software, with forensic capabilities to piece together events after the fact, can support big data and provide credible risk assessments. Security analytics must adapt to changing threats while integrating with new technologies and increasing flexibility.

Democratizing your data with Elastic on Microsoft Azure

Learn how Elastic is democratizing access to data with the power of search and by making AI accessible to everyone. Tune in and discover how you can get the most out of your data with Elastic on Microsoft Azure — no math degree, no problem.


Best practices for delivering self-service success and case deflection

Your customers interact with search all day, every day — and they have high expectations for the search experience on your website and mobile applications. This is especially true when it comes to solving customer support issues where customers are short on time.

Fireside chat Elastic and former PayPal CIO

The financial services sector stands at a potentially industry-defining moment, with Covid-19 having significant impact on the industry. With a better understanding of the impact of COVID-19, Gartner has forecast technology spending in the banking and securities industry to recover in 2021, growing 6.

Dashboard drilldowns with data visualizations in Kibana

See how drilldowns in Kibana let you easily move between data visualization dashboards. Learn how to quickly build drilldowns that support repeatable workflows and help your viewers discover additional analyses. Gain a deeper understanding of how Kibana gives you fast and powerful tools for analyzing data in Elasticsearch and communicating those insights to others.

How to build Kibana Dashboards in under 5 minutes

Build beautiful and interactive Kibana Dashboards in just minutes. Learn how to rapidly analyze data using Kibana Lens and then iterate and expand on existing visualizations to build out robust analyses - all with just a mouse.

Learn more from your logs with Elastic APM

When you’re trying to troubleshoot and debug system behavior, logs only tell you one part of the story. Application performance monitoring (APM) and distributed tracing give logs much-needed context and timing information, link together the behavior of multiple components, and put logged events into a much broader context of observability.