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How to Manage NoSQL data with relational databases

Hype. Years ago NoSQL had quite a bit of it. Perhaps you even got caught up in it. But now, considering your applications’ diverse workload requirements and all the innovation of modern relational databases, you might be wondering: “Is there another way?


Tech Connect with Kainos: Ready, Steady, Cloud

If you’re DevOps Architect, Senior DevOps Engineer or Cloud Engineer that has a passion for building a better world through tech, this digital event is not one to miss. hackajob in partnership with Kainos are hosting this dynamic and insightful online webinar ‘Tech Connect with Kainos: Ready, Steady, Cloud!


Drupal webinar: Ignite and accelerate your Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 migration

Roughly two-thirds of Drupal websites are still on version 7. This is essentially an outdated version of the CMS, that doesn’t provide website owners with the improved security, editorial experience and accessibility features of Drupal 9.