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Data Strategy for Modern Apps with MongoDB Red Hat

想瞭解 MongoDB 和 Red Hat 的現代化應用程式資料策略嗎?快來參加我們即將在 5 月 27 日舉行的線上研討會吧! 資料是每個應用程式的核心,對於每項業務都至關重要。隨著對雲端的使用不斷增多,您勢必需要做出資料儲存方式和位置的重要決策。如果沒有經過深思熟慮的資料策略,資料引力和資料黑洞可能會使關鍵專案陷入停滯狀態。 在本次研討會中,您將瞭解如何使用 Service Mesh、Red Hat Runtimes 和 Red Hat Integration 等在 OpenShift 上輕鬆高效地執行微服務應用程式,還可瞭解 MongoDB 適用於現代化應用程式的原因。 還將有機會獲得來自 MongoDB 和 Red Hat 專家團隊的問題解答。


Azure webinar series Migrate Your MySQL and PostgreSQL Databases to Azure

Azure offers a fully managed PostgreSQL, MySQL which provides maximum flexibility including, zone redundant high availability, AI powered performance optimization and enterprise-grade security and compliance. Migrate your open-source databases to Azure, use your existing skills and tools while removing the burden of database administration.


CNCF Live Webinar Kubernetes 1_21 Release

Kubernetes 1.21 release is scheduled for April 8, 2021. Like previous releases, we do a release webinar with release team lead and enhancement lead. The leads take the audience through the changes in the release and new features that have been introduced.


Azure webinar series Migrate Your Datacenter with Azure Migrate

Join this webinar to learn how to use Azure Migrate to effectively migrate your infrastructure, applications, and data to the cloud. You’ll also get a demo of the service through different migration scenarios and new features.


MongoDB Healthcare IT Day for Public Sector

Healthcare, at its heart, is a data challenge. The healthcare industry, particularly its data game, must rapidly overhaul its digital infrastructure to overcome this challenge. Raising the stakes is the drive towards interoperability, which necessitates change in the way healthcare data is captured, processed, accessed, and consumed.


Webinar miniseries Part 3 Run Your ERP Solutions on Azure to Increase Security Availability and Compliance

Organizations migrate mission-critical workloads to the cloud to increase compliance, improve their security posture, and capitalize on operational advantages. Join this three-part Azure webinar miniseries to: Hear from Forrester Consulting about the critical success factors you should consider when building your cloud migration strategy for business-critical applications.


Azure webinar series Take Your Java to the Cloud with Azure Kubernetes Service

Deploy and run your containerized Java applications with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), a fully managed platform where you can continue using familiar development tools and workflows. Learn more about running Java on AKS and how to get started, with hands-on demos from the experts.


使用 MongoDB 和 Confluent 為金融服務構建複雜的資料驅動型應用程式

金融機構正在以前所未有的數量和速度產生更多詳細的資料。MongoDB 和 Confluent 攜手合作來連接您的資料,讓您能夠隨時以更加精細化的方式存取任何資料,從而安全地充分利用機會。 在這場專屬研討會中,您將瞭解如何執行下列操作: 對您的應用程式架構進行現代化改造,特別是在金融部門 即時取用和利用資料 構建具有豐富歷史內容的快速移動應用程式 獲得能為您的業務提供競爭優勢的見解 線上研討會詳情: 日期:4月22日 星期四 時間:14:00-15:00 講者:張冠群(Caspar), MongoDB 北亞區高級解決方案架構師 Leo Yuen,Senior Partner Solutions Engineer Confluent