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Infrastructure metrics and observability with the Elastic Stack

Ready to get started on your observability journey? We’ll go over the basics of using the ELK Stack for your infrastructure and system metrics analytics. We’ll also show how combining your infrastructure metrics with your logs and application traces can benefit you and your business.

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Azure Design and Architecture Best Practices

As the technology requirements of businesses or practices grow and change over time, deploying business-critical applications can increase complexity and overhead substantially. To help manage this ever-growing complexity, we are pleased to invite you to attend Microsoft Azure Design and Architecture Best Practices virtual event, where you can learn how to leverage Azure Well-Architected Framework that can help you build and deliver great solutions.

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Modernize your Data Estate with SQL 2019 and anyDB on Azure

Learn about the powerful features of Microsoft Data Platform and understand how Microsoft Data Platform services can drive your business to greater heights. In this event focusing on SQL Server 2019 and Azure SQL Database learn how to modernize your data estate and develop powerful applications by adapting to Microsoft Data Platform.

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Modern Industrial IoT with Azure Databricks

The number of IoT devices that streams data to a connected cloud backend increases daily. This data creates new possibilities for real-time analytics and can fundamentally impact business productivity, especially in industries such as agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing, mining, and many more.

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