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Running Kafka On Kubernetes With Strimzi For Real-Time Streaming Applications

Apache Kafka, the popular messaging backplane, is traditionally well suited to run on statically defined clusters, but running it on container orchestrated clusters like Kubernetes is becoming more common. The best way to run stateful services on Kubernetes that have complex operational needs (such as Kafka) is to use the Operator pattern.

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Microservices Kubernetes and Application Modernization Done Right

Many enterprises have reached the limits of what their legacy systems can do. Whether it’s serving business SLAs like agility, reliability, and performance–or hitting technical limitations around scaling, operations, and maintenance–monolithic system architectures are ripe for cloud modernization at the very time when digital transformation initiatives are reshaping many organizations.

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Full Stack Reactive In Practice

Curious what goes into a ‘Full Stack Reactive’ project? In this webinar we cover the entire architecture of a Reactive system, from a responsive UI implemented with Vue.js, to a fully event sourced collection of microservices implemented with Java, Lagom, Cassandra, and Kafka.

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How to Process Tons of Data for Cheap with Spark + Kubernetes

How to Process Tons of Data for Cheap with Spark + Kubernetes If you like Spark for processing big data and Kubernetes for scaling and managing containers but you haven’t run Spark on Kubernetes yet, this is the webinar for you.

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Migrating From Java EE To Cloud-Native Reactive Systems

A lot of businesses that never before considered themselves as “technology companies” are now faced with digital modernization imperatives that force them to rethink their application and infrastructure architecture. On the path to becoming a digital, on-demand provider, development speed is the ultimate competitive advantage.

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