cncf webinars

How OpenTelemetry is eating the world

Webinar Speakers: Steve Flanders, Director of Engineering @Splunk It has been said that open source software is eating the world and in the observability space, the project behind this movement is OpenTelemetry.

Data services for cloud native workloads

Webinar Speakers: Abhay Singh, Founding Engineer and Architect @Diamanti Shilpa Mayanna, Member of Technical Staff @Diamanti Naren Narendra, Director of Product Marketing @Diamanti Data is the lifeblood of any application. A variety of storage services such as mirroring, snapshots, replication, backup and restore are utilized to protect data against failure and disaster scenarios (including human errors).

The Rosetta Stone Guide to compliance in a cloud-native world

Webinar Speakers: Cynthia Burke, Program Manager @Capsule8 Your migration of all legacy systems to an elegant and efficient cloud native environment was flawless. You’re happy with visibility, are confident in your security coverage and alert workflow.

End YAML engineering with cdk8s!

Webinar Speakers: Elad Ben-Israel, Principal Software Engineer @AWS, Developer Tools and Nathan Taber, Senior Product Manager @AWS, Kubernetes The CDK for Kubernetes (cdk8s) is a new open-source software development framework for defining Kubernetes applications and resources using familiar programming languages.

Navigating the Sea of Local Kubernetes Clusters

Webinar Speakers: Ara Pulido, Developer Advocate @Datadog Your company has decided to start migrating to Kubernetes. Exciting! It is time to set up your development environment so you can quickly test your application changes in a real Kubernetes cluster.


Piraeus Dynamic provisioning resource management and high availability for local persistent volumes

Webinar Speakers: Philipp Reisner, CEO @Linbit Sun Liang, 资深存储架构师 @DaoCloud and Alex Zheng, 资深存储工程师 @DaoCloud This webinar will be delivered in Chinese Piraeus: 本地持久卷的动态分配,资源管理和高可用 开源项目 Piraeus 致力于为 Kubernetes 本地持久卷 (Local Persistent Volume) 实现动态分配,资源管理和高可用。本地持久卷功能在 K8S 1.

How to keep your clusters safe and healthy

Webinar Speakers: Shuting Zhao, Software Engineer @Nirmata and Jim Bugwadia, Founder and CEO @Nirmata Declarative configuration management in Kubernetes is powerful, but can also be a pain when you as a cluster administrator need to enforce best practice compliance across resources.

Take your monitoring to the next level

Webinar Speakers: Liran Haimovitch, Co-Founder & CTO @Rookout and Mickael Alliel, DevOps @Rookout As software engineers, we are highly focused on user experience, and delivering the most value for our customers.

Integrating multi-location ADC with Prometheus+Grafana

Webinar Speakers: Dave Blakey, CEO @Snapt Inc. DevOps teams and SRES are increasingly using cloud native systems to visualize and monitor distributed, container-based application delivery controllers (ADCs) across multiple clouds and hybrid infrastructure.

Zero trust services in Kubernetes

Webinar Speakers: Randy Abernethy, Managing Partner @RX-M In this webinar we will take a look at some of the most important techniques used to create Zero Trust services in a Kubernetes environment.


Discover deliver and secure your APIs anywhere

Webinar Speakers: Jakub Pavlik, Director of Engineering @Volterra and Madhukar Nayakbomman, Lead Solutions Engineer @Volterra It’s 10 PM…do you know where your APIs are? There is growing adoption of Kubernetes apps alongside legacy application clusters, and this change is accelerating with the adoption of hybrid clouds and the use of multiple cloud providers.