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Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines and Compute

This hands-on workshop walks you through the steps to create and deploy a Windows Server 2019 Datacenter virtual machine and configure a backup of the virtual machine that will be user-accessible for recovery.

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Azure webinar series: Price and Performance Benchmarks for OLTP Database Workloads

Join this webinar, featuring market research firm GigaOm, to explore the modern transactional database landscape. Learn the results of their recent study that compared the performance of running SQL Server on virtual machines for online transactional processing (OLTP) workloads across [Azure](/tags/azure “Microsoft Azure webinars”) and AWS.

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Microsoft Insurance Partner Showcase

Microsoft is committed to providing solutions for insurance companies to continually innovate to meet these increasing market pressures. Join us as we showcase key insurance Microsoft partners that are innovating in the insurance sector using technologies like APIs, AI / ML, Workflow Automation and Telematics.

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Building Services on Azure with the Azure Management Suite

[Azure](/tags/azure “Microsoft Azure webinars”) Partners, join us for a dedicated day of workshops designed to help you build and scale managed services on Azure. Hear from leadership about the future of Azure and learn how you can leverage our cloud native management solution to reduce operational costs, generate new revenue opportunities, and expand the value of your offerings.

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Getting Started with Azure

Join us for an overview of the portal and a demo of popular products. See Azure in action as we demonstrate how to begin deploying resources. Join this webinar to get your questions answered in real time by Azure technical experts and learn how to get help when you need it.


Optimizing Your SAP Applications with Azure

The purpose-built Azure infrastructure for SAP HANA supports up to 20 TB on a single node. Join us for this webinar with live Q&A to learn how to improve the performance of SAP NetWeaver-based applications such as SAP Business Suite using SAP on Azure.


AI Friday for Government (ONLINE EVENT)

Why should government leaders care about artificial intelligence (AI)? The answer is simple: because AI can help the public sector deliver better services to citizens at lower cost. Microsoft offers pretrained AI models, implemented and optimized by our partners for governmental use cases like public safety, easier social services, smart buildings and assets.


Building your cloud strategy

Going to the cloud requires long term strategy starting with small projects yielding quick wins and benefits to the organization. Get insights from several case studies from existing customers who are well on their way to cloud