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Building a Global Database with MongoDB Atlas

12pm CET Software and data have disrupted every industry and for those are not moving fast enough, the future is bleak. Change isn’t easy during digital transformation mainly because data is untapped, complex and siloed.

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Making data work for developers with Kubernetes Cassandra

Webinar Speakers: Chris Splinter, Sr. Product Manager - Developer Solutions @DataStax Patrick McFadin, VP of Developer Relations @DataStax What new demands do Kubernetes and microservices place on the data tier? Kubernetes has fueled a new breed of cloud-native applications that deliver agility in the dev cycle through microservice architectures, scale as traffic fluctuates, and are resilient to failures in distributed environments.

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Succeeding with DevOps Behind the Firewall

Join Bitbucket product manager, Roger Barnes, to learn about Atlassian’s philosophy on the rise of DevOps and the importance of people, processes and supporting tools.

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Introducing MongoDB Atlas on Azure

Join this session with MongoDB for an overview of the pervasive, Open Source MongoDB database, and the best way to run modern data workloads in the Azure with Atlas - the fully-managed cloud DBaaS.

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