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Power of GitHub and Azure

With solid continuous integration, a delivery pipeline, and a powerful cloud, delivering your production application to the cloud multiple times per day is finally within your control. In this free webinar, we’ll walk through an end-to-end technical demonstration of how GitHub and Microsoft Azure work together to form a compelling code-to-cloud pathway.

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Azure Operations Governance

Azure has many services and tools that work together to provide complete management. These services aren’t only for resources in Azure, but also in other clouds and on-premises. Understanding the different tools and how they work together is the first step in designing a complete management environment.

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Azure webinar series Gain Economic Value Migrating to Azure SQL

More and more businesses migrate their SQL Server workloads to Azure to spend less time managing their databases and more time realizing the value of their data. Microsoft worked with Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) to understand the costs and benefits of migrating on-premises SQL Server to SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines and continuing to modernize on fully-managed Platform-as-a-Service offerings.

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Azure webinar series Demystify Cloud Economics to Build a Strong Business Case

Running your workload in the cloud requires a focus on taking advantage of all the native benefits of the cloud. When considering a cloud migration and building a cloud business case, it is important to understand the vast number of options that are available for you.

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How data enables disruption differentiation and informed decision-making in FSI

Beset by a global pandemic, competition from agile new entrants, and rising customer expectations, the financial services industry also has to balance security concerns, legacy infrastructure and applications and data platforms with the enormous opportunity they have to engage with customers in a newly always-online world.


Azure webinar series Operate Hybrid Cloud Seamlessly with Azure Stack HCI

Join this webinar to learn about modernizing your datacenter and improving operational performance with new features from Azure Stack HCI, now generally available as a subscription service. Azure Stack HCI provides you with the flexibility to secure and manage your on-premises virtual machines (VMs), Kubernetes clusters, and virtualized workloads centrally from the Azure portal and keeps your resources up to date with the latest services from Azure.

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Azure webinar series Four Ways to Take Your Data Security to the Next Level

Across the security landscape, organizations continue to face challenges that enhance the risk of significant financial loss, damage to market reputation and customer satisfaction. The cloud has been proven to be more secure in many ways than corporate datacenters, and Microsoft’s investments in cybersecurity make Azure SQL a trusted destination for your SQL Server data.

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buyMyplace reimagines real estate with Microsoft Azure

Drives transparency, simplicity and savings, plans AI-infused upgrades In this free webinar, you’ll hear from buyMyplace – a disruptor in the real estate industry that is using modern technology to allow homeowners to take full control of the selling process.

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Azure webinar series How to Migrate SQL Server from IaaS to PaaS

Across the globe, businesses are emerging into a new normal, eager to restart, rebuild or even reimagine themselves, but still operating in uncertain times. Optimizing costs and redirecting resources to address new opportunities is as important as ever.

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Azure webinar series Get Your App Up and Running with Kubernetes and KEDA

Even though Kubernetes covers everything your compute cluster does—CPU, storage, networking, and more—, it doesn’t need to be intimidating. In this session, we’ll drill down into the essentials you need to know to get your app up and running on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) with the Kubernetes Event-Driven Autoscaling (KEDA) framework.

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Microsoft DevOps Forum Sweden

Join us for an exclusive half-day virtual forum and learn how to modernize your DevOps with Microsoft, GitHub, and Solidify. What’s in store during the event: The opportunity to learn about Microsoft’s DevOps journey, with teams across the company sharing how we modernized our processes, and why we chose GitHub to drive this change.

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