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Big Data for Engineers: Processing and Analysis in 5 Easy Steps

Companies are collecting more data than ever before across the enterprise. Data scientists and engineers are at the forefront of the search for key business insights in that data to improve decision making.

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How Starbucks Forecasts Demand at Scale with Facebook Prophet and Azure Databricks

Available On Demand Performing fine-grained forecasts on day-store-SKU is beyond the ability of legacy, data warehousing based forecasting tools. Demand for products varies by product, store and day, and yet traditional demand forecasting solutions perform their forecasts at the aggregate market, week and promo group levels.

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Getting Data Ready for Data Science with Delta Lake

Getting Data Ready for Data Science with Delta Lake Webinar January 30, 2020 | 3:00 PM AEDT Successful data science relies on solid data engineering to furnish reliable data.

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How to: Easily launch Oracle RAC highly available database cluster on Azure IaaS

Did you know it’s easy to launch a highly available Oracle RAC cluster on Azure IaaS? If you’re looking to leverage Oracle RAC on Azure, learn how Microsoft partner, FlashGrid SkyCluster, can help you configure and deploy a clustered database quickly and easily.

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Snowflake Best Practices

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Transforming Healthcare with AI

Level: 300 AI is reshaping the healthcare industry. Learn how automatic speech recognition (ASR) and natural language processing services can be used to build powerful solutions that revolutionize the way medical information is collected, analyzed, and consumed by various stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem.

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