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Event Sourcing with Akka 2_6 video

An eight minute video demonstrating how to use Event Sourcing in Akka 2.6. Sample code from the Akka CQRS example project (Java or Scala). Including how to integrate with Cluster Sharding and Akka HTTP.

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Introduction to Akka Cluster Sharding video

A ten minute overview of Akka Cluster Sharding, how it can help, and a code walk through of basic usage of the Akka Cluster Sharding API. We review the architecture and code in the Akka Cluster Sharding sample Scala app, including how to integrate Akka HTTP with Cluster Sharding.

akka-platformakkasoftware development webinars

Akka 2_6 Actor introduction video

A short video where we walk through the basics of the actor model writing an actor in Java with the new Actor APIs Akka 2.6


How Akka Works Visualize And Demo Akka With A Raspberry-Pi Cluster

Eric is a Scala & Akka champion, and global course instructor for Lightbend. Eric began programming in various machine languages some odd 35 years ago, subsequently passing via C and Java to Scala and Akka.

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