September 09

Live Product Demo – EMEA 09-09-2021

JOIN US FOR A LIVE [IoT](/tags/snowflake “Snowflake webinars”) DEMO

Learn how to easily and securely store, integrate, and analyse data with infinite scalability within Snowflake. Join our fortnightly 45-minute demos where product experts will showcase key Snowflake features and answer questions live from the audience.

Experts will guide you through how Snowflake enables:

Data Warehouse Modernisation

Modern Data Lakes

Secure Data Sharing

Modern Data Application Development

Integrated Data Engineering

Advanced Data Science

The live product demos include:

Experiencing Snowflake’s intuitive user interface

Easily creating databases and compute nodes

Loading data via various methods

Natively storing and querying semi-structured data

Connection to BI/ETL tools…and more

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