27 February, 2019

How to Fuel Fast Growth By Utilizing Massive Amounts of DataFeaturing Online Retailer Rue Gilt Groupe

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Rue Gilt Groupe, an e-commerce organization, has over 100,000 products that turn over every day. Turning over these products requires analyzing large changing data sets about customer preferences, that require constant tuning of the overall recommendation engine to serve these products to customers. Register now for this webinar to hear Stephen Harrison, Architect at Rue Gilt Groupe, discuss how Rue Gilt Groupe was able to:

Gather, transform and load massive amounts of constantly changing data

Identify a dynamic cloud-based data warehouse that could serve as their overall data platform for large data sets

Select an analytics engine that could provide the scale and collaborative features to quickly create, test and deploy machine learning models

STEPHEN HARRISON Architect, Rue Gilt Groupe

PETER CONNOLLY Principal Software Engineer Rue Gilt Groupe

HARSHA KAPRE Product Manager, Snowflake

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