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Azure webinar series Assess Your SQL Server Estate with Azure Migrate

When getting ready to migrate to the cloud, application sprawl and complex dependencies can make it difficult to keep track of your SQL Server landscape. Join this webinar to learn how to use new functionality in Azure Migrate to discover and assess your SQL Server, and simplify plans for your cloud migration.


The TCO Advantage of DBaaS in a Post-Pandemic Economy

Over the past year, many companies were forced to conduct an unprecedented amount of their business online. Now, as we approach a post-pandemic economy, most organizations are accelerating their digital transformation to implement new business models that provide touchless services with zero physical contact.

Moving your Database to the Cloud Top 3 Things to Consider

Join Rick Vasquez, Percona Technical Expert, as he discusses the pros and cons of moving your database to the cloud. Flexibility, performance and cost management are three things that make cloud database environments an easy choice for many businesses.

Operationalizing machine learning for SIEM

Unsupervised machine learning (ML) is a core capability for most security operations teams looking to implement an advanced threat detection or insider threat program. However, the deployment of ML can present adoption challenges for security teams.