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On-Demand Webinar with Capers Jones Maximize your Software Quality

Capers Jones is currently vice president and chief technology officer of Namcook Analytics LLC. Capers is a well-known author and international public speaker, he and his colleagues have collected historical data that is used for judging the effectiveness of software process improvement methods and also for calibrating software estimation accuracy


On-Demand Webinar Integrate your Software Analytics with your Agile Development

Many companies are embracing agile development practices. Everybody sees the need to get new software products out the door as fast as possible. At least faster than competitors and before market changes and make your software obsolete.


On-Demand Webinar Succeed in Developing your Mobile Apps

The road to success in the fierce mobile marketplace is to deliver the best mobile experience to your users. We will show you how you can just do that by continuously measuring, tracking and taking action on fundamental aspects of your apps from the beginning of your SDLC.


On-Demand Webinar New Perspectives on Managing Technical Debt

Technical debt: we’re sure you’ve heard of it before. The term has been around for over two decades and there are tons of articles and papers out there trying to explain it.


On-Demand Webinar Detect Vulnerabilities in your SAP ABAP Applications

Enterprise Cybersecurity in SAP Environments Learn how to continuously monitor and detect cyberthreats and secure your SAP environments. SAP offers flexibility, but it comes with a price: developers may inadvertently introduce security holes which could pose serious dangers to your business.


On-Demand Webinar New Challenges in _Net Application Security