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    For mobile developers, building apps that users love, run quickly, respond to real-time data changes, and work regardless of signal strength is the ultimate goal.

    Whether you are in the retail industry, mobile payments, e-commerce, gaming, health or sport, the potential of mobile applications is infinite and affects most businesses.

    During this webinar, we will talk about one of the key features of the MongoDB Developer Data Platform: Atlas App Services.

    You will learn more about:

    MongoDB Atlas: How to Unify the Developer Experience on a Single Application Platform

    Realm: how to create and launch mobile apps in the cloud

    Atlas Device Sync: how to extend your Atlas database with a serverless Data Lake (S3 bucket)

    The purpose of this session is to show how Atlas App Services drastically makes it easier to build mobile apps and get them up and running, synchronizing data between users, devices and your back-end, even in off-line mode.

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