30 April, 2020

NETS Group updates their payment services with MongoDB

9.30am BST | 10.30am CEST

NETS Group are a leading payment service provider in Scandinavia and several European countries. Naturally the IT landscape is mission critical for its operation. NETS transitioned as part of their payment services from a legacy environment to an agile stack utilizing MongoDB .

In this webinar Frederik Ronn, Director of Architecture at the NETS Group together with Boris Bialek, MongoDB’s Head of Innovation EMEA, discuss the journey from NETS’ previous mainframe based landscape to a distributed modern microservices world utilizing MongoDB as the anchor data platform.

Running MongoDB in production for financial data and the practical experiences around this round up the discussion.

In this webinar you will learn:

Learn how the journey from NETS occurred, what triggered the change and what challenges they had to overcome

Learn to avoid pitfalls in your legacy modernization journey

Get an idea about the agility and speed to introduce MongoDB into your existing landscape as data as a service platform and accelerate change

What components make up the MongoDB platform that make legacy modernization possible

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