November 18

Lets _explain() Aggregations

EMEA/APAC: Nov 18, 9am BST | 2:30pm IST

AMER: Nov 18, 9am PT | 12pm ET

MongoDB ’s aggregation pipeline makes it easy for you to transform and analyze data of any structure, right inside the database. You can leverage this functionality to easily create and run incredibly complex data pipelines. However, you must also take into consideration its performance characteristics compared to more traditional operations.

Join us for our upcoming webinar to gain a better understanding of how aggregations are optimized and executed — whether you are writing a new one or looking to tune something that is already in production.

We’ll cover:

An overview on the structure of explain plans in MongoDB

Various optimizations that MongoDB executes when parsing aggregation pipelines

Best practices you can leverage to avoid commonly observed anti-patterns

Additional tips & tricks to improve the query performance

You’ll also have an opportunity to get your questions answered in the live Q&A session with MongoDB experts, so save your spot now!

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