Migration Best Practices (and Major Savings): Oracle to MariaDB

Whether you’re looking to break free from Oracle or you need an open-source database that’s hardened for production, you can position your organization well for the future by moving to MariaDB Platform. And with the right process in place, you’ll be poised for a smooth transition. Watch this webinar as Manjot Singh, MariaDB’s Lead Enterprise Architect, validates your decision to move from Oracle and covers pragmatic strategies for successfully migrating to MariaDB. By the end of this webinar you’ll know:

The total cost of ownership: find out how much your organization can save by replacing Oracle Database with MariaDB

MariaDB Platform benefits and feature parity with Oracle

How to leverage MariaDB’s Migration Assessment Tool

Migration methodology best practices: assessment, schema migration, application code migration, data migration and replication, quality assurance, and cutover