MariaDB Xpand brings distributed SQL and scalability to the MariaDB/MySQL community

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Relational databases have long powered mission-critical applications. They’re proven, reliable and powerful. However, they’re not engineered to run at the scale demanded by digital-native businesses – or those looking to undergo digital transformation. MariaDB Xpand is a MariaDB/MySQL-compatible distributed SQL database, making it easier for applications powered by MariaDB and MySQL to run at any scale without suffering from the complexity and limitations of introducing sharding or migrating to a NoSQL database. In this webinar, we’ll walk through distributed SQL concepts, take a deep dive into the architecture of MariaDB Xpand and show how it goes above and beyond other distributed SQL databases to meet the highest scalability and performance requirements. Watch now and learn how:

Distributed SQL databases scale without sacrificing transactions or consistency

MariaDB Xpand implements a distributed, shared-nothing architecture

Innovations like distributed indexes further improve scalability and performance

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