Introducing a nicer MEAN stack with the Node.js connector for MariaDB

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Things are getting better for developers every day. First, MariaDB replaced the “M” in the LAMP stack. Now, it’s replacing the “M” in the MEAN stack. You get all of the benefits of Node.js, and none of the drawbacks of a NoSQL database (e.g., reliability). With a brand new Node.js connector and integration with popular ORM frameworks, it’s easier than ever to build applications with MariaDB (and faster too). That’s not all, MariaDB can index and query JSON documents as well – NoSQL, no thanks! In this webinar, we’ll show how developers can get started building Node.js apps with the MariaDB connector (with and without ORM frameworks), and how they can take advantage of modern SQL with JSON functions, temporal tables and more. Join us and learn how to: Build Node.js apps with the MariaDB connector Use the MariaDB connector with Node.js ORM frameworks Take advantage of modern SQL in modern applications

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