Introducing MariaDB Platform X3 and the Rise of Hybrid Everything

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Your database should be able to do more. As the expectations of data-driven customers rise, transactional applications need access to more historical data and greater analytics. If you’ve outgrown your database, you shouldn’t have to settle for lightweight analytics. MariaDB Platform is an enterprise open source database for hybrid transactional/analytical processing at any scale, with row storage for transactions and columnar storage for analytics. It’s built for businesses whose customers demand more information and deeper insight. This webinar recording walks through the architecture of MariaDB Platform, explains how it handles hybrid transactional/analytical workloads, examines real-world use cases and highlights reference architectures deploying MariaDB Platform on hybrid clouds. Learn how to: Equip transactional applications with greater analytical capabilities Expand storage capacity to handle years’ worth of historical data Provide customers with access to self-service analytics

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