How to provide enterprise high availability with MariaDB Platform

When it comes to supporting mission-critical applications in production, databases have to be available 24x7 – no exceptions, no excuses. And while automatic failover is the foundation of any high availability (HA) strategy, it’s no longer enough ‒ or that simple. MariaDB Platform supports multi-master clustering as well as semi-synchronous replication with automatic failover, and is the only database (proprietary or open source) with HA features comparable to those provided by Oracle Application Continuity. This webinar recording provides an in-depth overview of enterprise HA strategies for MariaDB Platform and explain the HA features introduced in MariaDB Platform X3, including transaction replay, delayed retries and primary reconnection. Learn how to: Choose and implement a high availability strategy Use the latest high availability features in MariaDB Platform Maintain consistency when using replicas for HA and scalability