Tuesday, September 14

How to Manage NoSQL data with relational databases

Hype. Years ago NoSQL had quite a bit of it. Perhaps you even got caught up in it. But now, considering your applications’ diverse workload requirements and all the innovation of modern relational databases, you might be wondering: “Is there another way?”

To add better interoperability with NoSQL approaches to make life easier for developers and their applications, MariaDB released a new NoSQL Listener capability available in the latest version of MaxScale, the advanced database proxy included with MariaDB Enterprise. Join this webinar and live coding demo to learn how the NoSQL protocol module allows you to use a MariaDB server or cluster as the back end of an application that’s using a MongoDB client library.

Watch this webinar to discover:

  • What MariaDB’s NoSQL Listener is and how it works
  • How the NoSQL Listener functionality, combined with other MariaDB innovations, can take your solutions to the next level
  • The simple code that lets you use the MongoDB Node.js driver to manage document data within MariaDB
  • How you can share your feedback and influence our roadmap

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