Using the Actor Model with Domain-Driven Design (DDD) in Reactive Systems

Is the Actor Model just a new “shiny object” for developers to chase after, a fad soon to be abandoned? In fact, the Actor Model was first designed in 1973–over 20 years before brands like Yahoo! and Hotmail first arrived at the burgeoning internet. Created to address the long-term direction of computing and software development, it is almost as old as the formal definition of object-oriented programming.

Fast forward to 2017, where we are faced with an online and mobile world that continues to grow exponentially, and a third wave of IoT aims to add hundreds of billions of connected devices to our lives.

To manage today’s demanding needs and to prepare for the coming wave, enterprises like Intel, Samsung, Walmart, PayPal, Hootsuite, and Norwegian Cruise Lines are embracing distributed, Reactive systems deployed on hybrid cloud infrastructures. Central to these systems and applications is the Actor Model, which is seeing “renewed interest as cloud concurrency challenges grow,” according to Forrester Research.

In this webinar, special guest Vaughn Vernon explains why actors are so vital to the future of software development. You will learn: