The Enterprise Architects Intro to Microservices Part 3 Bending Reality with Microservices in Production Systems

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Still chugging along with a monolithic enterprise system that’s difficult to scale and maintain, and even harder to understand? In this three-part series on Microservices for enterprise architects, we explain why a microservice-based architecture that consists of small, independent services is far more flexible than the traditional all-in-one systems that continue to dominate today’s enterprise landscape.

In Part 3, Lightbend CTO and Akka creator Jonas Bonér continues from the six characteristics of Reactive Microservices presented earlier with a simple premise (in the spirit of Carl Hewitt): one microservices is no microservice–they come in systems.

As any Enterprise Architect will come to understand, to exploit reality we need to live and operate within its constraints––accepting that time is relative, information has latency and so on––in order to bend these laws of concurrency and distribution. In the final part of this series, we review the real-life needs of systems of Microservices, including details on how to manage:

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