The Enterprise Architects Intro to Microservices Part 1 Microservices Monoliths SOA and How We Got Here

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If you’re tired of battling a monolithic enterprise system that’s difficult to scale and maintain––and even harder to understand––then this webinar series is for you. In these three expert sessions, we go over the details of why a microservice-based architecture that consists of small, independent services is far more flexible than the traditional all-in-one systems that continue to dominate today’s enterprise landscape.

In Part 1, Enterprise Advocate Kevin Webber will review a bit of history of application development, from the early days of monoliths and SOA to the emergence of Microservice architectures. We will review the drawbacks of heritage architectures and how the principles of Reactive can help you build isolated services that are scalable, resilient to failure, and combine with other services to form a cohesive whole.

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