Lessons Learned From PayPal Implementing Back-Pressure With Akka Streams And Kafka

Akka Streams and its amazing handling of streaming with back-pressure should be no surprise to anyone. But it takes a couple of use cases to really see it in action - especially in use cases where the amount of work continues to increase as you’re processing it. This is where back-pressure really shines.

In this talk for Architects and Dev Managers by Akara Sucharitakul, Principal MTS for Global Platform Frameworks at PayPal, Inc., we look at how back-pressure based on Akka Streams and Kafka is being used at PayPal to handle very bursty workloads.

In addition, Akara will also share experiences in creating a platform based on Akka and Akka Streams that currently processes over 1 billion transactions per day (on just 8 VMs), with the aim of helping teams adopt these technologies. In this webinar, you will: