How can BizTalk360 help during System Maintenance and BizTalk deployments

About this Webinar

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Imagine your BizTalk environment is down due to a major incident, unannounced maintenance, or any other unexpected situation, and you are bombarded with emails and phone calls. Has that ever happened to you?

As a BizTalk administrator (and as an organization), you want your precious BizTalk environment to be up, in a healthy state and processing messages. So, how could this situation have been prevented, or at least, how could you have been informed about your BizTalk environment not running?

In this FREE webinar, we will focus on such scenarios. However, we will also focus on how BizTalk360 can help during planned system maintenance and BizTalk deployments.

Date: 27th August 2020 – Time: 10 AM to 11 AM BST

About the Speakers

  • Lex Hegt - Product Consultant, BizTalk360/Atomic Scope
  • Mekala Ramesh - Product Consultant, BizTalk360/Atomic Scope