5 stellar ways to monitor your Azure resources

About this Webinar

Every support engineer would like a single pane of glass to get an overview of everything running in their production environment. When looking at cloud-native integrations between systems and services, it is no different. Cloud-native integrations in Azure are composite solutions build with Functions, Logic Apps, Service Bus, and API Management services. To monitor a composite of these services requires knowledge of the available monitoring capabilities in Azure and an intuitive way to set it up. Or as an alternative, you buy a comprehensive solution like Serverless360 to fulfil the monitoring requirements of the operations team. Discover all that Serverless360 monitoring offers to bring the failures in your integration to the spotlight.

About the Speakers


  • Ezhilarasi Chezhiyan, Product Consultant – Serverless360
  • Nishanth Prabhakaran, Jr. Product Consultant – Serverless360

After this 1-hour session, you’ll know more about:

Challenges in the Azure portal in detecting failures Monitoring solutions offered by Serverless360 Notification channels to keep the stakeholders informed Failures brought into the spotlight using Service Map