Scalable app deployment

With the GitLab + Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) integration, developers have the power to spin up a Kubernetes cluster managed by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in a few clicks. The integration’s versatility speeds up software development and delivery while maintaining security and scale, allowing developers to focus on building apps instead of managing infrastructure.

Join William Chia, Senior Product Marketing Manager at GitLab, and William Denniss, Product Manager at Google, as they explain how to deploy applications at scale using GKE and GitLab’s robust Auto DevOps capabilities.

What we cover:

The basics of cloud environments, including benefits and challenges

How the GitLab GKE integration simplifies setting up and deploying to a Kubernetes cluster

A demo highlighting how easy it is to set up a Kubernetes Cluster, how to deploy your app using GitLab CI/CD, and how GKE allows you to deploy at scale

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