Optimizing costs in Elastic Cloud

Webinar date: February 24


As your organization moves to the cloud, it’s important to understand the impact of data management and retention on your bottom line. But optimizing your cloud deployment isn’t just about reducing costs — it can also have a positive impact on function.

Whether you’re using Elastic Cloud for the first time or scaling a current deployment, learn tactics that you and your team can employ to optimize the flow and retention of data within your Elastic Cloud deployment, and which features in Elastic Cloud can provide additional benefits.

Questions we’ll answer during this webinar:

How can I understand and review costs in Elastic Cloud?

How can I select a cloud architecture optimized to my use case?

How should I use index lifecycle management, when should I use it, and where do I create a policy?

What are best practices for dev, test, and production environments?

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Tom Lawler

Customer Success Manager


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