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Webinar date: March 24


How to monitor your shop floor and immediately find relevant documentation when you need it

Data and metrics captured from machines in industrial communication is important. A majority of manufacturing companies just started to capture, save and analyze this data. There are many reasons for that. Some are due to a lot of old control devices still running Windows 95, Windows CE or other proprietary operating systems.

With the evolving Industry 4.0 hype, new protocols like MQTT and OPC UA are gaining more traction. And with those newer protocols data can be more easily pulled from the machines in order to analyze it. In addition the variety and amount of data increased by factors, which allows a much more detailed analysis of what is going on in the production process. Being able to capture this data, bring it into Elasticsearch and analyze the production process and optimize for time and material can save a huge amount of money.

Learn how the Elastic Stack can help to solve those problems. We show how to collect data from different protocols and correlate the results with beautiful dashboards.

Felix Rössel

Senior Solutions Architect


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