Elastic Telco Day Applications and operational highlights from telco environmen___

Webinar date: March 17


Join us for the second virtual Elastic Telco Day! Our expert users will cover their experience with implementing and modifying the Elastic Stack to fit their unique needs. Stay for the advanced machine learning session with our senior solutions architect and telco expert Piotr Kobziakowski.


10:00 a.m. - Opening & introduction

10:10 a.m. - Elastic in telcommunications

10:40 a.m. - Monitoring redefined for Swisscom TV with the Elastic Stack by Ginu Kalangara

11:25 a.m. - Different, and yet the same - Lessons from security at Telenor by Sandor Balint

Break - 15 min

12:35 p.m - Managing telco infrastructure at Play - update from Bartłomiej Podles

13:20 p.m. - Advanced machine learning with Piotr Kobziakowski

14:20 p.m. - Closing statements

A few words from our speakers:

“Monitoring challenges in our 24x7x365 running Swisscom TV Services: Where the Elastic shines for our needs and what we think could be improved in future releases.” - Ginu Kalangara

“In the field of security, there is nothing new under the Sun. Yet, change is constant and is inevitable. How can these two, seemingly contradictory statements be true at the same time? And what does this have to do with Elastic? This talk will focus on observations made in the security field in the telecommunications and financial industries as well as provide practical, thought-provoking questions to ask if you are planning to successfully implement Elastic at your organization.” - Sandor Balint

“Take a look at the next steps Play made in their approach to network management. We were able to further reduce time and cost of operations when using the Elastic Stack.” - Bartlomiej Podles:

Additional resources:

You can try hosted Kibana (and Elasticsearch) with a no-cost Elastic Cloud 14-day trial.

Blog: Telecommunications observability with the Elastic Stack: Monitoring voice traffic data

5G White Paper by Piotr Kobziakowski and Stuart Duncan

Blog: Play: Modernizing telecommunications with the Elastic Stack

Piotr Kobziakowski

Senior Solution Architect


Sandor Balint

Chief Security Architect


Ginu Kalangara

DevOps Specialist in Swisscom TV Core


Jürgen Obermann

Senior Sales Director and Telco Team Lead


Bartłomiej Podleś

Transmission Operations Manager


Dasha Wessely

User Success Manager


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