Machine Learning Best Practices

Webinar date: June 25, 2020

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In this webinar, Yan Moiseev, Solutions Architect at Databricks will share machine learning best practices learned from working with Databricks customers on ML use cases across various industries. The talk will cover how to set up machine learning initiatives for success, how to address common challenges, and share customer success stories along the way.

Specifically, we will talk about:

Success factors for machine learning problems

Deployment issues (and why you should discuss deployment requirements first)

Impact of feature engineering on downstream model performance

Modeling gotchas

Optimizing Spark ML pipelines

Importance of failing fast in Machine Learning and Data Science projects

Illusion of perfection (and why Minimum Viable Model (MVM) is necessary)

SMEs, SMEs and SMEs

Solution vs. algorithm

One-size-fits-all solutions do not exist

Featured Speaker: Yan Moiseev, Solutions Architect, Databricks

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