Monday, December 13

Demo Intro to Event-Driven Microservices with Confluent

So, you’re looking to get started with application development based upon event-driven microservices. With businesses today posing an ever-increasing demand for faster speeds of innovation with limited costs and complexity, many teams have decided the same. The popularity of modern architectures based upon event-driven microservices comes from an industry move toward decoupling services into small, reusable components in order to simplify development and management of their data systems. Rather than being tangled within a monolith of code, different functions within an application can operate independently and asynchronously which allows for reduced complexity, reduced risk, and a faster means to both launch and scale new apps.

Built around Apache Kafka, Confluent provides a fully managed, cloud-native platform for data in motion to easily build and manage communications between microservices.

In this short, 30-minute session you’ll gain everything you need to get started with development of your first app based upon event-driven microservices:

The history: Understanding the monolithic app and organizational demand for change

Microservices 101: The rise of event-driven microservices and development with Apache Kafka

Conceptual demo: Implementation example and development strategies

Getting started: Learn about Confluent’s platform for data in motion and resources available to support you during a free trial

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