How data enables disruption differentiation and informed decision-making in FSI

Webinar date: February 09, 2021

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Beset by a global pandemic, competition from agile new entrants, and rising customer expectations, the financial services industry also has to balance security concerns, legacy infrastructure and applications and data platforms with the enormous opportunity they have to engage with customers in a newly always-online world.

The enforced change to a predominantly remote, online workforce has created what might be the biggest data gathering opportunity of all time. FSIs now have the chance to use that data to create brilliant, personalised experiences for every individual customer. So, how can they do that?

This free webinar featuring Connie Leung, Senior Director Financial Services at Microsoft, focuses on how data sits at the centre of the customer journey for the financial services industry.

Dealing with the disruption the industry is facing.

Empowering differentiation for forward-thinking businesses through personalisation, and

Enabling informed decision-making not only to comply with regulations but to mitigate costs and modernise business process applications.


Speaker Presentation - 20 mins Audience Q&A - 10 mins

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